Man Swims After Cat in Raging Flood Waters

During severe flooding in Canada, a man named Kevan Yaets performed an amazingly heroic act for his cat, Momo. They were stranded together in his truck, needing to flee the rising waters. A tough decision was made: both he and Momo leapt into the waters...
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Heartbreaking Images Reveal Truth About Facebook

If you think your Likes on Facebook help people through disasters, think again. Liking a photo on Facebook won’t help put an end to wars, disease, flooding or famine. As these heartbreaking images prove below, if you want to help someone, do something. You can...
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Police Dog Loses His Teeth Protecting Handler

When 6 year-old Bear, the German Shepherd, and his handler Officer Vincent Tieniber were on a routine police call, something unexpected happened. They were attempting to calm down a group of violent women, when one woman began attacking both the canine officer and his handler....
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Paraplegic Man Builds his Own Wheelchair Ramp

The old saying, “if you want something done right, do it yourself” holds true and inspiring for Samuel Nobile de Oliveira of Brazil. The town hall in his city was not listening to him and others that desperately needed wheelchair accessibility. They had complained long...
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Marine Keeps Promise to Dog in Afghanistan

Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach served as a dog handler in Afghanistan where he met a beautiful yellow lab named Casey. Together they searched for explosives and even managed to disarm three of them before exploding, saving countless lives. It was at some point during his...
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