Mark and Olga Holtom expected their dog, Gina, to give birth to half a dozen puppies after finally deciding to breed her with another dog. Even multiple visits to the vet confirmed she would only give birth to approximately 6 puppies. But, instead of ending up with a handful of puppies, they now have a kitchen-full of cuddly Doberman pups. Literally.

Over the course of 9 hours, the Holtom’s dog gave birth to 13 healthy puppies. At one point, Mark thought Gina was finished giving birth to her litter and went out for some food. When he returned, his wife informed him that Gina gave them a few more furry bundles of joy.

The large, unexpected litter is actually a major windfall for the family. Each perfect puppy will sell for over $1,000; an amazing surprise for the family who didn’t originally plan on breeding their dog.


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