13 Hauntingly Beautiful Places Abandoned by Humans

All of these manmade structures were completely abandoned by civilization, many times without reason or after a terrible disaster. They are hauntingly beautiful and remaining standing today. They are completely alone; you’ll be in awe of each and every one. 1.) The House of the...
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Man Swims After Cat in Raging Flood Waters

During severe flooding in Canada, a man named Kevan Yaets performed an amazingly heroic act for his cat, Momo. They were stranded together in his truck, needing to flee the rising waters. A tough decision was made: both he and Momo leapt into the waters...
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This Lion Will Make You Laugh

The mighty “king of the jungle” doesn’t look so tough whenever he is acting like a big doofus: Meet Hercules, the African lion. Hercules was originally rescued from a woman who was keeping him as a pet in Manhattan. Now, he is taken care of...
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Heartbreaking Images Reveal Truth About Facebook

If you think your Likes on Facebook help people through disasters, think again. Liking a photo on Facebook won’t help put an end to wars, disease, flooding or famine. As these heartbreaking images prove below, if you want to help someone, do something. You can...
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Police Dog Loses His Teeth Protecting Handler

When 6 year-old Bear, the German Shepherd, and his handler Officer Vincent Tieniber were on a routine police call, something unexpected happened. They were attempting to calm down a group of violent women, when one woman began attacking both the canine officer and his handler....
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Lucky Zookeeper Has the Best Job Ever

When one young woman told her classmates what she did over the summer, no one could believe her. But, as it turns out, she did play with lions, tigers and bears… oh my. Check out this awesome photo album, filled with pictures of the most...
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10 Hilarious Then and Now Pictures

Every once in a while, someone online has an amazing idea that will change everything you knew about great ideas. On a social media site, users began recreating old, awkward childhood photos and comparing the two side-by-side… they struck comedic gold. These are 10 of...
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13 Adorable Puppies Born to One Lucky Mother

Mark and Olga Holtom expected their dog, Gina, to give birth to half a dozen puppies after finally deciding to breed her with another dog. Even multiple visits to the vet confirmed she would only give birth to approximately 6 puppies. But, instead of ending...
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